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Day 1 Video link - CUFC Easter Camp at home.   19/04/2020

Day 1 - Craughwell United FC Easter Camp at home on Monday 20 April.

'Hello and welcome to the first day of our Camp. Today we are going to work on ball mastery, how to control the ball and different movements to work on our foot-eye coordination. Ten simple drills to start the week, try to do them as quickly as possible but always concentrate properly. Use the different surfaces of both feet and enjoy practising football again! Send in your videos so I can see your progress.'


Click on the video link here - Day 1 - https://youtu.be/VJoDApeCOVU

Click on the drills programme here - CUFC Easter Camp April 2020 Programme.pdf


The programme includes all the drills for every day of the camp and there are free copies left on the counter in Jody's Spar for collection.

See if you can complete all the 10 drills and then go through them twice more for practice. Take your time and ask a parent or family member to help you.

Have fun and see you on Tuesday!


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