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CUFC Player Registration Form 2015-16

CUFC Merchandise Order Form 2015-16

CUFC Summer Camp 2014 Registration Form 

CUFC Player Registration Form 2016-17

CUFC Player Registration Form 2017-18.pdf


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Click here to download the FAI Garda Vetting Form

Football Association of Ireland Garda Vetting Application Form Checklist

Have you ?

1. Completed the Form in Block Capitals
2. No Photocopies Accepted
3. Over 16 and under 18 Year Olds are required to provide Parent/Guardian Consent Form
4. Ensured that all details required are given stating N/A if details are not applicable
5. Ensured that your writing is clear and legible (forms completed using lead pencils are not acceptable)
6. If using initials, please specify what they stand for
7. Ensure that all addresses from year of birth are clearly stated with no gaps
8. Ensured that all years from birth are clearly stated e.g. 1991-2007, 2007-2011
9. Provided full disclosure and information on any convictions you might have
10. Ensure that application is signed and dated
(Failure to disclose relevant information criminal offences will be taken very seriously and can result in disqualification)
Significant delays can also be caused where forms have not been filled in properly and FAI guidance is not followed.
Completed Forms should be returned marked "Private & Confidential"
On no account should the Form be sent directly to the Garda Central Vetting Unit or any Garda Station.

The FAI/Garda Vetting Unit can take no liability for lost documentation.

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