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CUFC Easter Camp at Home - Monday 20 to Friday 24 April   17/04/2020

When the coronavirus put paid to our Easter Camp planning last month, we asked our Galway United Academy coach Xavi Vazquez to put a programme together so that our player's could have their own Easter Camp at home instead. We made 5 x twenty minute videos (each with 10 drills). One for each day of the camp. 

This is how it works -

1. Go to our Craughwell United FC Facebook page each morning next week and click on the link to open a new daily video. One for each day of the camp, Monday to Friday. The links go to YouTube where we will be posting all the videos. 

2. To assist with the videos, we also printed an Easter Camp Programme which includes all the drills for each day. The programme is available to download from our club website 'Download Forms' page. There are also free copies left in Jody's for collection.

3. There are 10 drills each day, so if you have time, you can run through the set of drills three times in total. The drills are all designed for one player but please ask your parents or family members to help you with the drills. Remember, do it in your own time at home and plenty of practice makes perfect!

4. Send us a video of your best skills to our club Facebook page and we will give prizes for our favourite videos at the end of the week. Bonus points for wearing our club colours too!

CUFC Easter Camp April 2020 Programme.pdf

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