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Register online now for the 2020-21 Season   20/08/2020

Registration is now open online for the 2020-21 Season. Click on the link below -


Registration fees are as follows -

Junior Team (Adult player born 2002 and earlier)  €130.00

Junior Team (Student / Unemployed Adult player born 2002 and earlier)  €110.00

Junior Team (Over 35 player born 1985 and earlier)  €50.00

U12 to U18 Registration (Player born between 2003 and 2009 inclusive)  €105.00

U6 to U11 Registration (Player born between 2010 and 2015 inclusive)  €90.00

Additional Players (Any Age)  €85.00

IMPORTANT NOTE 1 - To avail of the additional family player discounts, please put the eldest player first in one of the first five options, then use the 'Additional Players (Any Age)' option for every other player. If you have two players in your family, put 1 in the 'Additional Players (Any Age)' option. If you have three players in your family, put 2 in the 'Additional Players (Any Age)' option, and so on.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2 - New Players Only must upload Birth Cert or Passport to your Document Wallet on the confirmation page, after payment. New players also need to print the FAI Form, sign it and return it to the club. Otherwise new players are not eligible to play. Returning players have already completed these steps last season.

IMPORTANT NOTE 3 - Both new and returning players will then have to sign an FAI Team Sheet which will be provided by the team manager. This sheet needs to be signed by player/parent (player only at adult level) before any player is allowed to play GFA matches.

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