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Day 5 Video link - CUFC Easter Camp at home.   23/04/2020

Day 5 - Craughwell United FC Easter Camp at home on Friday 24 April.

'And to the final day of our Camp, we hope you are enjoying the week. Today we have included two different challenges: drill one is a freestyle challenge for your best ball tricks and drill ten is the keepy-uppy challenge. We are finishing the week by working on a mix of coordination, balance, dribbling and passing. Thank you so much for all your efforts and don't forget to send in your challenge videos to the CUFC Facebook page.' -  Xavi. 

Click on the video link here - Day 5 -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw6OpIcxIR4

Click on the drills programme booklet here - CUFC Easter Camp April 2020 Programme.pdf

'A special thank you to coach Xavi for putting the camp programme together. To our junior team player Daniel Dann Melnick for carrying out all the drills. To Kieran Cooney for videoing all the drills. To Daniel and Kieran again for formatting and producing the daily videos in a professional manner. We hope you had a bit of fun during the week!' - Tom Cunningham.

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