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Special Coaching Sessions organised for the 2017/2018 season.

CUFC are delighted to team up with Johnny Glynn and the Galway United Coaching Academy with a view to organising a coaching structure in our club for the upcoming season. To begin with, Johnny will coach our coaches before going near any individual squads. We have set the following programme and require all our coaches/assistant coaches to be present in training gear.

Saturday 9 September 9.30am to 12pm at Coleman Park. Session 1 - Warm-up drills, Technical Practice, Skills Development, Q & A.
Saturday 7 October 9am to 11am at Coleman Park. Session 2 - Review of Session 1, Advanced Skills, Matchday Preparation, Q & A.
November Saturday TBC 9.30am to 12pm at Coleman Park. Session 3 - Advanced Matchday Preparation, Tactics/Formations, Q & A.

After Session 2, Johnny will assign one of his coaches to visit our club on a weekly basis to coach individual squads.

The Galway United Academy are also planning to visit Craughwell during the mid term breaks at Halloween and Christmas to run sessions similar to the week at Coleman Park in July. Players will pay Galway United directly as before for these sessions.

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